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Right now we are all at home, wondering whats next..

What I want you to know that its nothing like getting up, dressing up and setting your mind to a state of feeling good about yourself and loving the way you look!

I was always taught be ready so you don't have to get ready.
So what I am saying to you is, its time to get up, get dressed and go to work and home... Look fab while your doing it!

Make yourself a GREAT meal and put it on your BEST china that you have, I know your saying but Keith.. I have to wash dishes!  SO WHAT!

When this epedimic started, I was using paper cup, forks and plates, then I realized why am I doing that.. first if you want to be politically correct its not green lol, second it ugly lol!

Table setting for one

Here is a casual suggestion of what you can do at home for yourself!
Now I will be honest since I have been cooking at home more I do love food more!
For some reason, when I was eating out more, food was not tasting as good to me!


So what I am saying to you, just be good to yourself, STOP looking like a bum, moping around, being lazy and depressed!

I hope you had the opportunity to look at our latest T R E N D S By Keith Episode, we had some great surprises.. If you missed it here is the link on YouTube, your going to love it... We talked about our drink of the week, the release of the new SPARKLE jewelry Line by Keith Harley Collection, which is selling our fast! We also had a couple of other surprises, your going to enjoy it!

Also just so that you know we have contract with Target, Amazon and Nordstrom and just signed a deal with LiketoKnow shopping channel which is great news, stay connected with us and remember be ready so you don't have to get ready!

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